Monday, November 3, 2008

Wheelchair Polo Part 2

I think I was better prepared for teaching the second part of my wheelchair polo lesson. Instead of preparing drills for the class, I made sure I had games for the class to play. I thought they would enjoy class more if they were playing games and learning the different skills at the same time. I found though, that some of the class seemed to be uninterested in the games we were playing. I saw different students not following the directions I gave for the activity. The most common excuse I heard for this situation was that the students thought what I was asking them to do was too hard. I still think it was just one of those days where no one really wanted to put in any effort. However, I should have been better prepared and been able to change the activity or modify it for the students who had decided not to put in as much effort. These are all things that I need to keep in mind for my future students.

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