Friday, October 31, 2008

Wheelchair Polo

I took on the challenge to teach my class how to play wheelchair polo. I thought this was a very difficult task because I could not find a single thing on the internet that could help me teach wheelchair polo. I looked at many websites just to try and figure out the rules for horse polo. I wanted to incorporate as many of the horse polo rules as possible into wheelchair polo. I definately think that my lesson could have gone better. I don't think I was prepared well enough to teach. I forgot to give my students a safety statement and I didn't even give them a demonstration of what I wanted them to do. I simply explained the tasks that were expected of them. I could see in a real class where I wasn't teaching my peers, several things going wrong. I could imagine having students hit each other with the pillow poles because of not having a safety statement. I also saw that not having a demonstration, the students were not using the correct form when they were swinging their pole. I think students would have done better seeing exactly how to hit the ball instead of just giving them the cues. I also think I could have done more tasks. Just hitting the ball back and forth to a partner gets old pretty quick. I thought it would be a good challenge for the students to hit the ball down a line and have them try to keep the ball right on the line. I think this was a very difficult task and students easily gave up on it.

Cool Polo Video

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